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TechnoSolutions is a technology company dealing with all sorts of technology. It was established on January 2016 and registered under Business Act No. 17/2016 in Zanzibar.
The company aims at making transformations in terms of technology and help, motivate and inspire young generation in unlocking their talents and potentials.
Having graduated and found the employment opportunities are scarce and that their community is behind in terms of technology, the company’s founders saw that this is an opportunity to create something beneficial to the community and simultaneously solve their employment problem.
Most of the company’s founders have participated in many projects while studying abroad and are hungry to implement their skills to transform their country to become more advanced in terms of technology.
The company’s founders are graduates from different Malaysian universities, who are holders of computer and mechanical engineering degrees. All of them have been sponsored by ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK (IDB) under Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.

Company's Objectives

We as company’s founders believe that we can bring significant changes to our community and our country by doing several great things such as:
1. Improve our country’s economy by promoting tourism sector which will be done through developing and installing modern systems in hotels located in our country. This will hugely improve the quality of services and attract more tourists to visit the hotels.
2. Improve the services offered in key areas such as hospitals by developing electronic systems which help to register and track patients’ progress easily.
3. Offer training and employment opportunities to the young generation which will improve their life and the life of the community in general.
4. Working with schools and universities by developing educational software that will make it easy for students to revise their studies and do their home-works.
5. Working with large established companies and help them to improve their services and marketability through electronic systems.
6. Donating part of our income for community services such as installing solar electric systems in rural areas, promoting city cleanliness, and help the poor and orphans.

Short Term Plans

Within three years, the company members aim to expand their skills and master every area of technology starting with software, hardware, electronics, robotics, aerospace and networking.
We will also do several projects and training to inspire the young talents within our region.

Long Term Plans

The company plans to attract many young talents from Zanzibar and East Africa so as to develop a large force in technology in the area. TechnoSolutions aims to become one of the largest technology companies in East Africa and even the world.
We are committed to realize our long term plan in less than five years.